Thank You

Dear best friend,

It’s not necessary to call you by name because you know who you are; along with the rest of the world of course, given how much time we spend together and how many obnoxious pictures I’ve posted of you on my Instagram as my #wcw. But that’s normal right? Either way, you never seem to care.

You came into my life at the perfect timing and we just clicked from day one. You became part of the family, just as fast as I felt like part of yours. Ever since, there has been so many times you’ve done so much for me and been there when you didn’t have to be. I feel like I don’t tell you it enough, so this, is my thank you letter for you just being you…

Thank you for laughing with me.

Although sometimes, I’m positive that you’re actually laughing AT me, rather than with me, but you’re laughing nonetheless. We could sit in the house binge watching Netflix or go to our favorite bar and karaoke all night long, it never matters what we do (or what we drink; wine or beer) there is never a dull moment with you. Thank you for helping me enjoy this crazy thing called life and laughing at my jokes that most don’t understand.

Thank you for being honest.

I know I’ll never leave the house with bad hair or an outfit that doesn’t look good when you’re around. You will be brutally honest with me, even when I don’t necessarily ask. You don’t sugarcoat things and you’re not worried about what I want to hear, because you know what I need to hear instead. Thank you for telling me like it is.

Thank you for putting me in my place.

We all know I can be a royal pain in the you know what, when Mother Nature makes her monthly appearance, but let’s face it, what girl isn’t? Anyway, you never let me get too feisty and you always call me out for being that crazy girlfriend to help me avoid starting WWIII with my boyfriend over absolutely nothing. Thank you for keeping me in line.

Thank you for listening.

It doesn’t matter the time of day, I know I can always call you for an hour long vent session and when I can’t call, you don’t mind the 28 page Bibles I send you over text. You’re always there when I need someone to talk to and you never judge me for whatever it is I have to say. Thank you for being my human diary and never spilling my secrets.

Thank you for supporting me.

Whether it’s a new position at work or trying to finish off my last few drinks before it’s closing time, you’re always there cheering me on and instilling confidence in me. You push me to want to be a better person, because of how genuine you are. Thank you for being my right hand (both physically and figuratively) you never let me down.

Thank you for inspiring me.

I could go on for days, but it’s obvious that in the time I’ve known you, you’ve made such a huge impact on my life. You’ve taught me how to be strong because I’ve seen you push forward through some of the toughest times. You’ve shown me what a true friend is and now it’s like you’ve become my sister.

Thank you for everything you’ve done and will continue to do for me. I can only imagine what crazy adventures the future has in store for us.