Tom Brady is Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Right?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am an avid football fan. It is easily my favorite sport ever and football season is by far my favorite time of the year. I grew up with a family that never misses celebrating a football Sunday; so as a little girl, I got very into the game. Living in the suburbs of Cincinnati, it was only right to claim I was a Bengals fan like everyone else. It wasn’t until I was almost 12 years old that I watched my first ever New England Patriots game. I remember it like it was yesterday. Everyone was into it that day because it was the first game that former Bengals player, Corey Dillon, had suited up as a Patriot. That game changed everything for me. Sounds crazy, I know, but ever since, I have been a Tom Brady and New England Patriots fan, a diehard one at that.

As a fan, I’ve realized that you either like Tom Brady or you don’t. It seems as though there isn’t much in-between when it comes to the 4X Super Bowl champion quarterback, especially not since the 2015 AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. As I’m sure many of you have heard, it was this game that started the never-ending discussions about, ‘Deflategate’.  Putting my fan like personality aside, I am going to give you some revealing evidence that might not only sway your opinion to see Brady’s innocence but also show the irrelevance of Deflategate altogher.

Let me start by giving a little explanation for those of you who are not up to date on what Deflategate is. It is said, that during the New England Patriots 45-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts in Gillette Stadium on January 18, 2015, that there was some tampering with the weight and inflation of some of the Patriots footballs (each team provides 12 game balls that are measured and weighed to keep the playing field even between teams). After several months of investigating, it was determined by the NFL Commissioner, Rodger Goodell, that Tom Brady was to be suspended for four games. This suspension was originally revoked and Tom Brady was free to play; however, the NFL was not going to give up that easily, so here we are heading into the 2016 season and Tom Brady is to be benched for the first four games of the year.

I’m sure you’re probably thinking that as a quarterback, Tom Brady would have something to do with this type of situation to better suit his throwing needs, but before you make any decisions or form any opinions on Deflategate, please hear me out..

The final score was 45-7.
The Patriots scored a total of 17 points in the first half when the balls were deflated below the limit, to the Colts only 7 points that were scored in the second quarter. The balls were weighed and corrected at halftime, when the Patriots then came out to score an additional 28 points, while completely shutting out the Colts in the second half. So take away the first 17 points that involved the deflated footballs and the Patriots would’ve still come out with a 28 point victory. That’s still a huge lead in a championship game, so tell me, why are we still worried about the weight of the footballs again?

There was no logging of the pregame measurements.
Throughout the investigation, officials have openly stated that although the game balls were checked prior to the start of the game, none of the weight measurements were recorded or logged. So, who’s to say that there was not already an issue going in to the game that the Patriots had nothing to do with?

“We test them. It’s 12.5 psi to 13.5 psi. We put 13 psi in every ball. Dean tested a couple in the office and had one underinflated and one to specs, and you really couldn’t tell the difference unless you actually sat there and tried to squeeze the ball or did something extraordinary. If someone just tossed you the ball, especially in 20 degree weather, you’re going to pretty much just play with the ball. They are going to be hard. You’re not going to notice a difference.” – Official Bill Vinovich.

The officials have repeatedly stated that you wouldn’t even notice the difference in the ball pressure, especially while playing in that cold of weather, so how is everyone so certain that Tom Brady is guilty? In 2015, Tom Brady threw the ball within 2.5 seconds of his dropbacks 80.5% of the time. So he was holding the ball for the less than 3 seconds the majority of each game? Yes.. Sounds to me like he could’ve very easily had no idea.

20 degree weather.
I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to Foxborough, Massachusetts or not, but the average temperature for January is 29 degrees Fahrenheit with an average of 43.5 inches of snowfall. That is freezing. This game took place in mid-January, one of the coldest months. Scientists included in this investigation, have said that this low of a temperature could cause up to a 1.8 psi drop in the pressure of the footballs.  So, just like how the weather may affect our car tires in the winter, the weather could’ve also very easily been the convict in this mess, not Tom Brady.

“Generally aware”
I quote this because this is one of the many statements made by investigators when speaking about Tom Brady and his knowledge of Deflategate. There is no hard proof, no hard evidence to find him guilty, yet because it’s “more probable than not” that he may have had something to do with it or known something about it, they can suspend him. It’s like trying to explain to your teacher in grade school that you weren’t the one kicking the notes across the floor, but someone accidently kicked it in your direction, so you look suspicious. Tom Brady is the quarterback, he is the one throwing the footballs, therefore, if something goes wrong with them, it’s automatically assumed that he’s the guilty one.

These are just a few of the many signs that reflect Tom Brady’s innocence. Don’t they say, that as citizens, we are innocent until proven guilty? Well, what happens when nothing can be proven but the multi-billion dollar industry of the National Football League cannot just overlook the possibility of someone or something being the cause of the deflated footballs in a championship game? Let’s be real, Deflategate has been the topic of so many discussions and has crossed too many headlines to just ‘sweep it under the rug’. Someone needs to pay the price, guilty or not. Tom Brady was selected. Trust me, his Hall of Fame career will not be affected and if nothing else, Rodger Goodell has just simply fueled the fire, because as we’ve all seen before, Brady is unbelievable when he plays with a chip on his shoulder.

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