You’re My Kind of Person.

​Don’t we all have an idea of what we want our ‘type’ of people to be like? Like a mental list of all of the personality traits we’d expect our significant other and/or best friends to possess? I know I do. It’s ironic because most of us get on Social Media and see posts from random people and immediately think, “Oh my gosh, we would totally be best friends.” or “OMG, that’s the exact same thing I always say!” But if you are anything like the type of person I am, you probably won’t be the one to initiate conversations with just anyone, especially on the internet (lol). They say that friendship is a weird concept to think about.. You just pick a human you’ve met and decide, ‘Yeah, I like this one’ and then you just do stuff with them. Well, I’ve been lucky with the people I’ve met in my life and the friendships I’ve made. We’re all so different, yet so alike in so many ways. You’re my kind of person if you are anything like any of the following..

You’re my kind of person if you don’t mind having concerts in the car.

I mean, full on, singing at the top of our lungs to a 1999 Britney Spears song or throwing it back to ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston (have to represent one of the greatest) type of concert. I am not afraid to roll the windows down and perform for anyone stopped next to me at a red light. If you are willing to let loose and belt it all out, we would be best friends.

You’re my kind of person if you love food.

Love is a strong word, but there’s no other way to describe how I feel about food. I may be the pickiest eater you will ever meet, but give me something I do like and I can throw down, no joke. Ice cream, pizza, chicken wings, all the good stuff.. If you don’t mind pigging out every now and then, I guarantee we would get along great.  

You’re my kind of person if you are down for ‘Netflix and chill’.

Let’s be real, how can you not? Netflix is one of my all-time go-to’s for a relaxing night inside. I can binge watch any series for months and not care at all. If you can kick back and enjoy a good tv show, we could definitely plan weekly Netflix nights.

You’re my kind of person if you’re tough.

I say this because there are times that I can be the typical emotional female and need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to vent to. If you can put me in my place and put up with me during that time of the month or any time for that matter, I promise I’d keep you around forever.

You’re my kind of person if you can just go with the flow.

I am so laid back, some may say too laid back at times. I am indecisive and when I do make a decision, it’s totally spur of the moment and random, but there’s no turning back. If you are a semi-unorganized, non-planner like myself, I bet we would make a fantastic mess together. (However, if you are a planner and have a schedule for everything you do in life, that’s totally okay too, I’d appreciate you showing me the ropes and teaching me your ways lol.)

You’re my kind of person if you are straight forward.

As much as it sucks, sometimes having someone tell me like it is, is exactly what I need. Having a brutally honest person in your life that won’t beat around the bush or coddle you, is such a good thing. If you’re the type of person that will tell me that my hair looks ridiculous and that my favorite outfit, actually isn’t as cute as I thought it was or if you will step up tell me when I’m being overdramatic as I’m arguing with my boyfriend and save us all from my pettiness, we could have an ever-lasting friendship.

You’re my kind of person if you see the glass as half-full.

This journey we’re on is crazy and complicated. It can break you down and stress you out if you let it. Negativity can consume us, especially if we surround ourselves with negative people. We all have those rough days and some more frequently than others, but if you can take a deep breath and drink a margarita or five and just enjoy the good things in the middle of all the chaos, I need you in my life.

​I wouldn’t change any friendship I’ve ever had for anything, because each and every one, whether we still talk or not, have helped to shape me into the person I am today. True friendship is hard to come by so I will hold on to the people in my life extra tight. If you’re my kind of person and I’ve already met you, I appreciate you more than you will ever know. If you’re my kind of person and I don’t really know you just yet, I hope that someday, I’ll be lucky enough that our paths will cross.

What Is There To Debate About A Murder?

Isn’t it sad to see what our world is coming to? Isn’t it scary to imagine what the future holds if things continue as they are now? It seems as though another shooting or another murder is being discussed and debated allover every social media site I can think of every single day.. Debated? But what is there to debate about a murder? A lot in today’s society. 

You see, it’s no longer about what’s right and what’s wrong. An innocent man can be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and just ‘look’ suspicious and his life could be taken in a split second. A police officer can be going in to work one evening and never make it home.. He did nothing to deserve it, but try to protect his community. Innocent children are left to fend for themselves as their parents would rather buy heroin than diapers. Women are getting raped and abused daily, but what they were wearing or what they drank with their dinner provoked the situation; therefore, authorities see no need to take criminal action.

All of these shameful acts of cruelty and harm are no longer being classified by the wrong doings that are occurring in each situation. Instead, they’re discussed as #WhiteLivesMatter or #BlackLivesMatter. But wait, don’t all lives matter? Aren’t we all just human?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not oblivious to the fact that there are cases where race is the issue and that discrimination mination still exits. Our justice system, doesn’t always serve justice, that’s for sure. But at the end of the day, there are still people of the same race and the same ethnicity, killing each other as well. So here’s my question, why is violence the answer and race the problem?

A murder is murder and it should be treated as so each and every time, regardless of what race the shooter/victim may be. A rape is rape, the color of the invidual’s skin involved is irrelevant to the situation at hand. We can all preach and pray for peace on Facebook as much as we want to, but until we open our eyes and see the bigger picture, nothing will change.

Until people realize that a person’s character is not determined by the color of their skin or what those around them are doing, the news will continue publishing these same hateful stories, that we’re all so desperate to avoid watching. One person’s, or a select few people’s, actions should not determine the way we view that group as a whole. When two cops murder an innocent person while on a traffic stop, ten others are breaking down the doors to invade a home that has been performing sex trafficking on local women and children. While a gang of black people are out shooting and fighting, another group is at war, helping to defend our country and the soil we walk on or they’re at home studying for their college class on Monday. While some white people are working in hospitals, helping the wounded and saving lives, others are thieves and murders taking them. There are good and there are bad in each and every ethnic group, there is no life that is superior to another. We are all people, we are all human, we are all one and we need to unite in order to make a difference.